Kansas City

Burlesque Festival 2011

April 14th, 15th, 16th

Off Center Theatre

Crown Center

2450 Grand Blvd.

Kansas City, MO 64108  


Cherry Pop

Miss Cherry Pop escaped from a convent when she was sixteen. Discovering that she was a picker, a grinner, a lover, and especially a sinner she soon found the resurgence of the swinging sixties scene in San Francisco. She now is living her life with the mottos "make love not war" and "keep on truck’n."

Burlesque Downtown Underground is a professional modern burlesque company. Proud to host the Kansas City Burlesque Festival, BDU is dedicated to the advancement of the worldwide burlesque revival by creating fun, classy, scintillating, artful, high performance tickle and tease, which is neo-burlesque entertainment aimed to entertain Kansas City audiences and beyond.

Burlesque Downtown Underground is lovingly, lavishing in their third season contributions to Kansas City's burlesque scene. This company is compiled of sexy and multi-talented, professional actors, dancers and singers that perform regularly within KC's dance, cabaret and theatrical scene. All of the Luscious Ladies have college degrees, and a third of the company has completed or is currently working on Master Degrees. Each solo or collaborative routine you witness comes from each Luscious Lady themselves: the creative idea, the choice of music, choreography, costuming is brought to you by each individual Luscious Lady of Burlesque Downtown Underground.


Producing Artistic Director & Company Choreographer.

At a young age our burlesque Madame was whisked around the world by her gypsy performer parents. At the age of ten Madame was dropped into the Paris Opera Ballet School where she lived, trained, and performed through her teens. It was there in Paris where she stumbled upon the Moulin Rouge, and the world of Burlesque and Cabaret came to life before her eyes. After leaving the Paris Opera, Madame spent a brief stint dancing in London then, wandered to the states. There, she found her birth place, (Chicago,) spent time in The Big Apple, and shortly after was married and settled as a professional dancer in Kansas City. Madame instantly knew that this enchanting city needed more spectacle, more tease, more push… And thus began the bursting break-through of Burlesque Downtown Underground and its Luscious Ladies.


While she’s no stray to the stage, Puss started her dancing career as a young teen and has continually grown to please her audiences more and more. Born in the south, this minx made her way to the warm lap of the Midwest and you can find her prowling the local KC bar scene where martinis and wine flow freely.

Hot Cocoa

Miss Cocoa grew up on a dairy farm outside of Hershey, PA. After graduating high school she went on to study dance at the prestigious Juilliard School. On her summers off from The Juilliard, she would return home to work at as performer in a musical revue at Hershey Park. This is where she gained her passion for all things sweet, chocolately and a little bit naughty. During one late night performance a beaded and sequin appliqué on her dress got caught in her pas de duex partner's zipper at the climax of the show, thus causing a rather awkward costume malfunction. At first Cocoa didn't know what to do as she stood there frozen with her "hershey's kisses" exposed. But then her training from the Juilliard kicked in. She combined her improv skills (she got an A in that class) with steps she remembered from her labanotation class (kick ball change, jazz hands!) and turned a mistake into a routine. Any professional in her position would have done the same.

Foxy Von Trap

She grew up in the deep south. And let me tell you, she is a real southern belle!  What she doesn’t have in smarts she makes up for with her…assets. (And good thing she at least has those!) One day Foxy had had enough of southern pageantry and her stuffy and refined roots. So she packed her things and headed north for a life in the big city, and a chance to catch herself a real city gentleman! Miss. VonTrap swears by her southern charm to wiggle and shake her way in to the heart of a man, and a little bit of naughty-ness to seal the deal!

Sicily Rose

If she told you, she would have to kill you.

Rosie LaRue

Rosie LaRue was raised amongst the gypsies in La Paz, Bolivia after being orphaned by her parents for having a "wild spirit".  She traveled all over the South American countries, dancing with the gypsies and having men throw money at her feet.  At the ripe age of 15, she fell in love with the singer of an up and coming band who whisked her away to the big city of New York.  While there, she discovered that she was more in love with the stage and became the minxy burlesque performer that she is today.


"Lunaire d'Etoile grew up on a small winery in the south of France, living a quiet and shy life picking grapes.  When she was 14, her "black sheep" cousin secretly took her into town to see a fantastically sexy cabaret band named Alacartoona.  2 nights later, she quickly packed her bags, bought her first corset, and left home to pursue a career as a burlesque dancer.  She has been on the run ever since, learning the art of burlesque in the seediest of bars from Toulouse to Paris (and now Kansas City), trying to keep one step ahead of the bounty hunter her family sent to drag her home all those years ago."

The audience’s response was amazing and Cocoa knew she had found her niche. After being fired from Hershey for "lewd conduct on stage" she began searching for performers just as hot and talented as she was. For the past ten years her travels have taken her to places as far as, London, Paris, Brazil, and Australia. Cocoa returned to the states in 2008 and settled down in Kansas City with her beau at that time.  Here she found the lovely ladies of BDU to be as rich and decadent as she was, thus proving to her that the KC burlesque scene was the place to be. Madame then took Miss Cocoa under her wings and the rest is history.

Cocoa likes to unwind with her favorite Chocolate Martini before and after a show. Enjoy!

1 1/2 shots chocolate liqueur
1 1/2 shots creme de cacao
1/2 shot vodka
2 1/2 shots half-and-half

BDU’s break-through neo-burlesque performance of "Naughty Knickers" in Kansas City's 2007 Fringe Festival took the city by storm. Burlesque Downtown Underground has placed #1 at the box office for consecutive KC Fringe Festivals in 2008 & 2009. The debut of BOYlesque Downtown Underground placed #3 at this years’ Fringe box office, the highest ranking show with only three performances! On Saturday, July 10, 2010, The Luscious Ladies of BDU presented: “Burlesque Revival at the Folly” which was an historic event for Kansas City and the Folly Theater. This was the first time since the Neo-Burlesque Revival that burlesque was presented in the Folly Theater (the “home” of burlesque in Kansas City’s "Hey-Day", and also during the city’s Red Light District history) since it closed its doors for renovation in the 1970s. This one-night-only performance was a smashing success with an attending audience of over six hundred!

BDU Luscious Ladies can be seen performing at mixed specialty events; "smaller" self-produced performances as well as commissioned performances.

Show Anthology

Naughty Knickers (Kansas City Fringe Festival, 2007)

Cold Outside Tease (Bar Natasha, 2007)

Baby It’s Cold Outside (H&R Block City Stage Theatre in Union Station, 2007)

Masquerade 2008: Flashback to the '60's! (Kansas City Art Institute benefit, 2008)

Artopia (Screenland Theater at the Crossroads, 2008)

A Dave Stephen’s Birthday (Jardine’s, 2008)

ConQuest the Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention (Hilton Hotel, KC, MO 2008)

Ms. BDU 2008! (The Kansas City Fringe Festival, 2008)

BDU is Back! (Crosstown Station, 2008)

Peek-A-BOO! (Madrigal, 2008)

Kansas City Improv Festival (H&R Block City Stage Theatre in Union Station, 2008)

Unleashed (Crosstown Station, 2008)

Be Thankful for BDU (Madrigal, 2008)

Teases Under the Mistletoe (Crosstown Station, 2008)

Under the Mistletoe (H&R Block City Stage Theatre in Union Station, 2008)

After Hours KC (KCTV5 late night TV appearance and performance, 2008)

Heartbreakers (Crosstown Station, 2009)

FLEX (Crosstown Station, 2009)

NK – Take II & Hat Trick (Kansas City Fringe Festival, 2009)

Shock Treatment – Rocky Horror BDU Style (Firefly Lounge, 2009)

A Black Tie Cabaret with a Splash of Holiday (H&R Block City Stage Theatre in Union Station, 2009)

#1 Crush (Crosstown Station, 2010)

One-Night-Only! (Czar Bar, 2010)

Dr. Sketchy’s (The Loft, 2010)

Burlesque Revival at the Folly (The Folly Theater, 2010)

Brawny Britches – BOYlesque Downtown Underground (Kansas City Fringe Festival, 2010)

Behind the Pasties, Burlesque Downtown Underground Revealed – a Documentary Film (Kansas City Fringe Festival, 2010)

BDU’s Voodoo (Crosstown Station, 2010)

Burlesque: LIVE! (Crosstown Station, 2010)

Burlesque Downtown Underground ~ Unwrapped! (Crosstown Station, 2010)

Pinup Showcase in the Dallas Burlesque Festival (House of Blues, Dallas, TX, 2011)

Addicted to LOVE (Crosstown Station, 2011)

Windy City Burlesque Festival (Greenhouse Theatre, Chicago, IL, 2011)

The Kansas City Burlesque Festival (Off Center Theatre, 2011)

Foxy Roxy

Born a penniless pauper, Foxy Roxy was determined to make an honest living shining shoes and selling cigars to Burlesque audiences. She soon found herself falling head over heals in love with the free spirit and artistic adventures that burlesque had to offer. She vowed to model her burlesque career after the immortal Mae West, always living by the phrase, “When I'm good I'm very good, but when I'm bad I'm better.”