The 4th Annual

Kansas City

Burlesque Festival

May 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, 2014!


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An evening of classic Burlesque entertainment!

Your Host: The Incomparable Dave Stephens!

With musical accompaniment provided by: The Dave Stephens Band!

Saturday, May 3rd, 8:00PM

The Folly Theater

300 W 12TH ST.

Kansas City, MO 64106


Angi B Lovely of the Ruby Revue is an award winning burlesque dancer and aerialist performer in Dallas, TX. She won the title of Queen of Burlesque in 2012 at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival.


Ginger Valentine is a striptease artist known for blending her classical training with raucous bump-and-grind. She is the 2011 Queen of Burlesque from the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, the 2010 Best Tease at the Texas Burlesque Festival and was voted into the top 20 Burlesque Industry Figures for 2011 and 2012. Ginger is co producer and director of the Ruby Revue which performs regularly in Dallas and in Houston and helps produce the Dallas Burlesque Festival. Ginger is known for taking over Kitty West's iconic act, Evangeline the Oyster Girl which she performs frequently at Bustout Burlesque in New Orleans. She is an instructor at the Ruby Room Studio in Dallas where she teaches burlesque and ballet classes.


Missy Lisa is a fast-rising star in the neo burlesque scene. She founded the Ruby Revue and the Dallas Burlesque Festival and is the owner of the Ruby Room Studio, Dallas’ first burlesque dance studio.

Seductive and talented, Missy Lisa’s diverse acts have earned her fans from coast-to-coast. She has performed in the New York Burlesque Festival, been a special guest in Chicago for Michelle L’amour’s Stripper’s Holiday (2011, 2012 and 2013) and also for Bustout Burlesque (voted one of the top ten burlesque shows in the world for Travel Channel) in New Orleans. Missy Lisa won the coveted title of “Miss Viva Las Vegas” at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender at the Orleans Casino in 2013.

Missy performs monthly at the House of Blues Dallas and Houston and tours nationwide.


Seattle’s Iva Handfull is the crowned the 2013 Kansas City Burlesque Festival Queen and has had the pleasure of performing across the United States, including the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, and

St Louis.  She is honored to be listed in 21st Century Burlesque Magazine’s 2013 Burlesque Top 50.

Iva is a modern heathen in the Burlesque world, an albino Grace Jones, both a fashion Icon and Burlesque rock star.  Mz. Handfull is a fierce, alternative neo-Burlesquer known for her inventive, epic, and oftentimes impersonating performances.   

On the side, Iva is co-owner of Haute Under the Collar, creating custom rhinestone neckties so you can be well hung and teaches “This Class Goes to 11”, assisting other performers find their inner rock star.


Madame MacKay is the Producing Artistic Director and Group Choreographer for Burlesque Downtown Underground and is a Producer of the Kansas City Burlesque Festival. She has directed and produced over forty “main stage” shows since 2007. She has performed with Bustout Burlesque in New Orleans, at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, in St. Louis as a guest performer as well as in the Show Me Burlesque Festivals. She was showcased as a featured performer in the Kansas City Burlesque Festivals, showed off at the Windy City Burlesque Festival in Chicago and at the Dallas Burlesque Festival has returned to both to perform since! Madame teaches burlesque, movement and production workshops across the nation.

Special appearance by the 2013 Queen of Kansas City Burlesque!



Our panel of judges will select the best performance of the evening and crown our 2014 Queen of Kansas City Burlesque! 2014 Judges include the amazing Burlesque Legend Ms. Tempest Storm (Las Vegas, NV), star of stage and screen Ms. Stephanie Blake (Los Angeles, CA), Kansas City’s own and valuable sponsor of the 2014 KC Burlesque Fest Mr. Marshall Rimann of Rimann Liqours (Kansas City, MO), and Burlesque Festival producers from across the country including Mr. Rick Delaup (New Orleans, LA), Lola van Ella (St. Louis, MO), Ms. Ginger Valentine (Dallas, TX), and Mr. Naughty Pierre (Denver, CO).

Come see these beautiful stars of Burlesque as they grace the stage and perform with the musical accompaniment of The Dave Stephens Band!


Lolita Bonita is one of the Luscious Ladies of Burlesque Downtown Underground. Having performed at last year's Kansas City Burlesque Festival, Lolita is also a professional actress and comedian hailing from Providence, RI and Boston, MA. She loves bacon, chocolate, flannel sheets and puppies.

ELLE DORADO (New Orleans, LA)

Elle Dorado has been a performer her entire life. As a nationally and internationally ranked competitive figure skater, she has been trained in the art and discipline of many forms of dance, and incorporates them into her respective routines. As a figure skater, Elle Dorado has

performed in Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, and across U.S. She was the only American to be admitted into the Russian Olympic training facility, Novogorsk. Transitioning to burlesque has garnered her a lot of attention. Elle Dorado is the founder of The Copacabangers, Long Island, NY’s only burlesque troupe. She is known for her exuberant take on the classic bump and grind. This past September, she debuted the first striptease ice-skating act in burlesque at the 5th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival, and in November she headlined the 1st Annual Iowa Burlesque Festival. She was the judges’ selection to compete at the Viva Las

Vegas Rockabilly Weekend and Burlesque Competition.


Sparkling, like her name, this gorgeous blond is one of the hottest performers and burlesque producers in Italy. Ms. Champagne began performing in 2009, and now performs all over the world at various burlesque festivals and events.

Ms. Champagne founded the Champagne Academy of Burlesque Education, and teaches regular burlesque classes in schools in both Italy and Switzerland.

Sophie was also recently chosen by international photographer Marco Girolami for his exhibition in Musei Mazzucchelli.

In 2013 Ms. Champagne was featured on the central page of Pin Up America Magazine.

Ms. Sophie Champagne’s burlesque’s style is fun, lively, colourful and ironic, but also graceful and sexy, without lapsing into vulgarity or coarseness.


Renee Holiday is a classically trained vocalist who received her formal burlesque education at the Ruby Room Studio (Dallas,TX). A versatile entertainer with years of performance experience, Renee blends her skill as a singer with her love of striptease to offer a spectacle of both sight and sound that has dazzled audiences in many cities including Dallas, Houston, Chicago, San Antonio, and New Orleans. Winner of The San Antonio Burlesque Festival’s “Future Legend of Burlesque” Award, and pinup title “Miss Lone Star Drive Inn 2013″ you can see Miss Holiday singing, stripping, and even hosting Ruby Revue shows each month at the world-famous House of Blues in both Dallas and Houston.


Puss-N-Boots twirled her tassels all the way from Kansas City and is thrilled to call NYC home. "Slicker then liquid eyeliner," she's now an international burlesque artist. This raven-haired vixen began her career as a classically trained moderne dancer performing with companies throughout the Midwest. Her image as a pin up model has been captured for calendars, magazines and print ads. Her career as burlesque artist has brought her to festivals around the world. Puss-N-Boots unrestrained sensuality ignites the stage. She's famous for her sultry moves, perfect pout, high kicks and captivating sex appeal. She's bound to entertain you!

DONNA HOOD (Los Angeles, CA)

Miss Donna Hood started performing at the ripe age

of 4. Training in all styles of dance and performing with artists such as Usher, Skrillex, Snoop Dogg, and Kaskade, she is no stranger to the stage. Donna moved from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA in the summer of 2010 and immediately started performing. One of her first bookings was a spot performing in the touring

burlesque show "Strip Strip Hooray!" with Dita Von Teese. In 2013, Donna branched out to

produce her own burlesque show titled, “TEASE, if you please!” The show currently runs in

Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

PATSY BLUE RIBBON (Indianapolis, IN)

Patsy Blue Ribbon is an intoxicating enchantress who delights her audiences with a slow burn and refreshing aftertaste that leaves them begging for more.  She learned the art of the tease at the New Orleans School of Burlesque and is now a member of Indianapolis’ Rocket Doll Revue, which produces shows monthly. Patsy’s sweet enchantment skills have also landed her guest spots with The Improv-a-Tease Burlesque Series, Original Tease (Chicago), Big Deal Burlesque (New Orleans), and the Windy City Burlesque Festival. Whether brewing up a classic striptease or a creating a cheeky homage, Patsy is sure to please the senses.


Mary Lynn Mayhem currently performs with the Ruby Revue in Dallas, TX.  Over the past two years she has had the privilege of performing in the Dallas, New Orleans, and Texas Burlesque Festivals as a soloist as well as with the Ruby Revue. This is her first year competing in the Kansas City Burlesque Festival. In her spare time Ms. Mayhem also enjoys Pin Up modeling and costuming.


Fascinated with the golden era of glamour and classic Las Vegas showgirl productions, Aya fell in love with the art of burlesque. She began studying  with Cha Cha Velour in 2012 and has been performing burlesque all over Las Vegas since. In addition to performing, Aya is also a teacher at Las Vegas Burlesque Classes.

TESSA VON TWINKLE (Indianapolis, IN)

"Tessa von Twinkle, the slinky, seductive performer and producer of the “Improv-a-Tease Burlesque Series” intertwines the beauty of vintage style and glamor with a raw and randy charisma. This independent burlesque gem has been creating and showcasing her “naughty with a smile” style steadily since 2009, throughout the Midwest and beyond in showcases and burlesque festivals across the U.S. Whether in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Saint Louis, Chicago, or closer to home, this pioneer of the Indiana neo-burlesque scene known as, “The Galactic Gem with One Hell of a Shine” never ceases to delight and excite her audience."

DAHLIA DULCE (Minneapolis, MN)

Dahlia Dulce, the lady of sugar and spice from the land of ice, curates bi-monthly shows in Minneapolis, MN with her troupe Black Hearts Burlesque. An avid traveler, she has appeared in the Kansas City Burlesque Festival, Show Me Burlesque Festival, and Colorado Burlesque Festival among many others. This leggy Latina brings her Mexican heritage to the stage, paying homage to her mother and grandmother’s legacy of traditional dance. Dahlia has a sweet tooth for the finer things in life; floral gins, ostrich plumage, and sky high stilettos will flip the switch on her radiant smile. She’d love to put the cream in your coffee!